Oval Cut Emerald & Double Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (3.60 ct.) in 18K Gold


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Carat Weight : 3.60 Carats

An Oval Cut Emerald & Double Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with a remarkable 3.60 ct. total weight set in 18K Gold is a breathtaking and luxurious choice for an engagement ring. This ring features a captivating oval-cut emerald surrounded by two diamond halos, creating a stunning and glamorous design.

The center stone of the ring is an oval-cut emerald, known for its elongated and curved shape. The oval-cut emerald in this ring showcases the gemstone's natural beauty and elegance.

The emerald is enhanced by double diamond halos, which are concentric circles of diamonds surrounding the center stone. The diamonds in the halos add brilliance, sparkle, and a sense of opulence to the ring. The double halo design creates a stunning frame for the emerald, further enhancing its beauty and making it the focal point of the ring.

The ring is crafted in 18K gold, a premium choice known for its elegance and durability.

The Oval Cut Emerald & Double Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with a 3.60 ct. total weight set in 18K Gold is a remarkable and exquisite piece of jewelry. The combination of the oval-cut emerald, double diamond halos, and the gold setting creates a ring that is both captivating and glamorous, making it a perfect symbol of love and commitment.


Metal Type: 18K White Gold

Emerald Weight: 3.18 ct.

Emerald Origin: Zambia

Diamond Weight: 0.38 ct.


Our Earth Mined Real Natural diamonds are ethically sourced from suppliers in USA, Belgium, Israel and India who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices.

14k Gold

Our 14k gold pieces are made to last forever. 14k gold will not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear your jewelry every day, everywhere.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lily Santiago
Love it!!

This engagement ring is absolutely stunning! The oval cut emerald is vibrant and eye-catching, and the double diamond halo adds the perfect amount of sparkle

Gift for my wife

Wonderful experience and product. There was excellent communication with the customer service. They immediately reached out to confirm some details, and kept me updated during the entire process. Can't wait to give this ring to my wife!

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