About the Founders

Capucelli was founded in 2020 by Orine and Jeffrey L. Jeffrey, a native born Italian raised in the beautiful city of Milan, started Capucelli out of the desire to create pieces of art, design, and beauty for today’s everyday, modern consumer. Recognizing that Italy is well known for its high craftsmanship and manufacturing, Jeffrey based his creations there to ensure superior quality.


With inside knowledge as a third generation in the jewelry industry, Jeffrey saw that price markups in the industry were extravagant. He knew it was unfair to consumers and a bad investment. So Jeffrey built Capucelli with a new business model: fine jewelry at wholesale prices.


Capucelli’s factory is responsible for all supply operations. Orine and Jeffrey makes it a priority to hand select his well-trained staff of artisans and jewelry designers. Currently, Capcuelli resides in Milan, New York City, and Long island- the very driven and brand-focused capitals of the world.

Our Story

Capucelli was born out of a curiosity to do things differently, to question traditions of the industry. Starting with the idea that luxury jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive.


Looking at the industry, we saw extravagant price markups everywhere. It drove us crazy that jewelry lovers couldn’t own fine jewelry because of unnecessarily expensive prices. So we made it our mission to bring you fine jewelry that’s fair and affordable.


Capucelli sells directly to you, the consumer. We cut out the middleman to cut out the 10x markup. With Capucelli, you can own high quality diamonds at wholesale prices that don’t break the bank. Our ultimate vision? Connect passionate jewelry lovers like ourselves and you to unique, fine jewelry designs.

“Diamonds for Every Day”

Who said diamonds were only for special occasions?

Capucelli is rethinking fine jewelry from the ground up, creating thoughtful essentials designed to live with you every day. Our jewelry is handcrafted in house and built to last.


Every piece is made with you in mind, designed to be versatile and sturdy to match your lifestyle. Wear your favorite diamonds every day.

Better for People, Better for the Planet

At Capucelli, we are committed to doing what’s right. Even if that means breaking conventional norms. For years, the jewelry industry has been littered with plastic waste and environmentally unfriendly mining and production. Our goal is to change that, and that change starts with Capucelli.


Capucelli produces environmentally conscious jewelry through environmentally conscious procedures. We pay better attention not just to what our jewelry is made out of, but how our jewelry is made. From safer packaging to biodegradable cleaning pens, Capucelli makes jewelry that’s better for people and better for the planet.