When and When Not to Wear a Capucelli Tennis Necklace?

When and When Not to Wear a Capucelli Tennis Necklace?

Research by the IGS reveals that the earliest jewelry dated back 25,000 years ago- a simple fishbowl. Today, there are endless necklace styles to choose from, like dog tags, religious emblems, pendants, chokers, etc.

Tennis Necklaces have always been a popular accessory. Why? It's because the perfect necklace is the only accessory that can transform your look within seconds.

But there are instances when wearing a necklace can diminish the beauty of your outfit. Here's a comprehensive guide to when you should and shouldn't wear a necklace:

When to Avoid Wearing a Necklace

Here we discuss times you shouldn't opt for a necklace:

With a 'Busy' Top

If your top is full of embellishments, decorations, or trims, avoid wearing a necklace. Instead, choose shorter, statement earrings to compliment your top.

With Fluffy and Oversized Sweaters

When and When Not to Wear a Necklace?

Wearing a necklace with a fluffy, oversized sweater or bow blouses doesn't make fashion sense, especially since enough is going on the top.

Pair your sweater with your favorite rings and a petite skirt.

With a High Neckline

It's always best to pair a high neckline with statement earrings a pretty band/watch rather than overwhelming your neck with a necklace.

With a Turtleneck

When and When Not to Wear a Necklace?

Source: How to Wear Oversized Sweaters This Fall and Winter | Glamour

Let the neckline of a turtleneck speak for itself by skipping necklaces and accessorizing with super-sized earrings.

When to Wear a Necklace

Let's discuss when wearing a necklace can add glamour to your outfit:

With Boatneck Dresses

When and When Not to Wear a Necklace?

source:Knowing the Right Necklines for Your Face and Body Shape (Part 2) - Gorgeous & Beautiful (gorgeautiful.com)

Layering jewelry over boatneck dresses is an excellent way of making the outfit pop. Ensure the rest of your jewelry is simple to ensure your necklace remains the center of attention.

With a V-Neck

Accentuate a v-neck dress by wearing a delicate necklace and statement earrings.

With Off-Shoulder Tops or Blouses

Off-shoulder tops and blouses offer you quite a bit of space. A good idea is layering necklaces of different lengths, chokers, or a bandana scarf.

With Bralets and Cami Tops

Enhance the beauty of your casual look, bra-lets, and cami tops by wearing the strategically layered necklace.

With Crop Tops

Pair your crop tops with a necklace and a long cardigan.

Tips to Elevate Your Outfit When Not Wearing a Necklace

Here are simple ways you can add classiness to your outfit when you're not wearing a necklace:

Pay Attention to Your and the Top's Neckline

People's biggest fashion mistakes are pairing jewelry that clashes with their top's neckline. If you're skipping a necklace, wear making earrings and bracelets/watches.

Try Bold Prints

If you're not wearing a necklace, wear a dress or top featuring bold prints. Try wearing plain stud earrings to complement your outfit.

Mix Bracelets with Your Watch

If you're not drawing attention to your neck, you may choose to wear watches and bracelets to put the focus on your arms.

Wear Pearls

If you believe not wearing a necklace makes your outfit look too plain, try wearing pearls.

The Bottom Line

Necklaces are beautiful and classy, but sometimes wearing one is counter-intuitive. In such cases, it's always a wise decision to make earrings and bracelets your focal point.