The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Capucelli Engagement Ring

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Capucelli Engagement Ring

Research reveals that more than 80% of brides get diamond engagement rings to showcase their love.

Your engagement is something precious, beautiful, a promise of something new, and a representation of your love for your partner.


After your significant other pops ‘the question,’ you might start worrying about proper engagement ring care. Luckily, taking care of your sparkler doesn’t have to be impossible.

You can keep your engagement ring sparkling and beautiful without leaving your home or trying weird and extensive methods. Here’s a simple guide to the dos and don’ts of engagement ring care:

The Dos of Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring

Here are several things you must do to take care of your engagement ring effectively:

Purchasing Insurance

It’s no secret that you require insurance to protect your financial investment. It applies to your engagement ring as well.

Moreover, ensure that you get your jewelry appraised five to ten years, especially since the cost of precious metals tends to go up.

Cleaning Your Ring

Keeping your engagement ring clean and shiny is essential. Here’s a quick and practical guide to cleaning your sparkler:

  • Dip it in soap and warm water
  • Brush around and behind the center stone using a soft and unused toothbrush
  • Grab a soft, lint-free cloth to dry your ring

Removing Your Ring during Hands-On Activities

Ensure that you take off your engagement ring during hand-heavy activities. For instance, you may take off your jewelry if you’re planning to:

  • Exercise
  • Garden
  • Move Furniture
  • Wash Dishes

Scheduling Monthly Maintenance Appointments

Diamonds are tough and don’t scratch easily. But ensuring the prongs are tight and your diamond isn’t loose is also essential.

Schedule a monthly or yearly maintenance appointment with a professional jeweler every year. A jeweler ensures your ring is free of accumulated grime and dirt and restores your sparkler’s shine.

The Don’ts of Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to taking care of your sparkler, you must avoid these things:

Touching the Center Stone

Avoid touching the center stone of your engagement ring.

Diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and other precious stones are practically magnets for dust, body oil, and dirt.

When you want to take off your ring, grab the band on the sides of the stone rather than the centerpiece itself.

Taking Off in Public

You might feel the strong urge to remove your engagement ring while lathering up at a public restroom, but we recommend that you resist it.

The possibility that your ring may fall off the ledge, drop down the drain, or you’ll forget to pick it up is a significant risk.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to clean your engagement ring. Here are some strong chemicals that you shouldn’t use:

  • Washing powder or Other Household Chemicals
  • Baking soda
  • Iodine
  • Bleaching Powder
  • Hyperoxide or Vinegar
  • Manganese Crystals

All these harsh chemicals can remove the sparkles and brilliance of your beautiful engagement ring.

The Bottom Line

While it’s easy to take care of your favorite piece of jewelry at home, you must visit your jeweler regularly for professional examinations.

Offer your engagement ring extra and professional care to keep it looking beautiful and sparkly.