What Fingers are Best to Wear Rings?

What Fingers are Best to Wear Rings?

Wearing rings can be confusing, especially since there is little information on ring etiquette.

There are some traditional rules for wearing rings, but these rules are not set in stone. Instead, they depend on various historical, cultural, and religious beliefs.

Wearing rings is a personal choice, but it doesn't hurt to learn the proven ways of accessorizing your jewelry to add glamour to your outfit:

Should I Wear Rings on My Right or Left Hand?

The first question that pops into a ring wearer's mind is whether they should wear jewelry on their left or right hand. Typically, it depends on personal preference.

As far as symbolism goes, the left hand represents your 'mental' hand, symbolizing character, creativity, and thinking. Your right hand represents your 'physical' hand that makes most of your gestures and signifies practical skills.

But remember, these symbolisms represent a right-hander's view of the world. It means that a left-handed persona may reverse the whole thing.

We think it's best to rock a mix of rings on both hands to enjoy a refined and contemporary look.

Which Fingers Should I Wear My Rings On?

Now let's discuss which finger you should wear your rings on:

The Pinky Finger

What Fingers are Best to Wear Rings?

Your pinky finger doesn't have any religious or cultural significance or interfere with the index finger. Consider styling your little finger with bold and precise details to make a fashion statement.

An excellent idea is wearing bold and geometric rings on your pinky finger.

The Ring Finger

What Fingers are Best to Wear Rings?

Across most North and South America and the Middle East, people associate the ring finger with wedding and engagement promises. Jewelry on the right or left ring finger may indicate:

Marital Status

Married people in Western countries and South Asian counties tend to wear a ring on their ring fingers.

Wearing jewelry on your left ring finger originates from an ancient Roman belief that the vein from your finger travels directly to the heart.

Engagement or Promise

A ring on your left finger also represents that you're engaged and will soon get married. Some people even wear a promise ring on their ring fingers.


People may choose to wear chastity or purity rings on their ring fingers to signify abstinence until marriage.

The Middle Finger

Your middle finger is your largest and boldest finger and often symbolizes harmony and responsibility. So, it's an excellent idea to style it with centered and minimalist accessories.

Pair your rings for daytime wear and add different textured styles for evening parties.

The Index Finger

People tend to keep their index finger clear since it's used more than any other digit. But wearing a statement ring on this finger can create a sense of leadership, individuality, and power.

In the olden time, men wore signets or a crest on their index fingers to denote family status.

The Thumb

In most cultures, a thumb ring symbolizes wealth or influence since they tend to be broad and bulky.

A thumb ring is an excellent choice for multiple ring wearers since it creates distance from others. Add a statement ring to your thumb to offer a strong, confident, and authoritative look.

The Bottom Line: How Many Rings Should You Wear

Research reveals that the ring market will likely reach US$ 39,730 by 2027, thanks to the growing popularity of ring accessorizing.

Make a statement by wearing multiple contemporary rings on your left and right hand. We recommend a balanced and bold look by trying colorful and geometric jewelry.