Necklace: How to Determine the Right Size

How to Determine My Necklace Size

Necklace: How to Determine the Right Size

The best outfit and accessories should always complement the perfect occasion. You’ll want to look your best for all your occasions to pick your outfit well. One part of your entire outfit, which plays a big role in your appearance, is the accessory you put on. Accessories like wristwatches, earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, etc., bring some glow to your look. We will be talking about chains today.

How to determinate my necklace size


Getting yourself a chain sounds fun and all, but it can get tiring, especially when you don't know your size. You will need to know your neck size, which helps you determine and measure chains. Let us get to it.


Why Knowing Your Neck Size Is Important

Purchasing a very attractive chain is great, and all, but you need to put your thought on one that fits. Yes, your style and outfit are important, but it won’t matter if it’s not your size. It would be best if you also did not guess your size based on another person because people have different neck sizes. The chain sizes for women and men are different, with men having four and women having five. Here are the different lengths and how they fit on the body.

How to determinate my necklace size


Common Lengths for Women Chains

Chains with 14” length appear on the neck like a choker fitting. It is the smallest of the common lengths.

Chains with 16” length sit around the neck base just like a collar would. Plus-sized women will make these chain size look like a choker. For petite women, on the other hand, it appears to hang around the collarbone.

Chains with 16” length are the most common pick among women mostly because of their elegance resting on the collarbone.

Chains with 20” length have their resting position to be right below the collarbone.

Chains with 22” length hang just a bit over the bust.


Common Lengths for Men Chains

Chains with 18” length find their place at the neck base for most smaller neck sizes.

Chains with 20” length are mostly common among the average men, and it goes all the way to the collarbone.

Chains with 22” length are ones that go a bit beyond the collarbone.

Chains with 24” length always hang a bit over the sternum.


There you have the chain lengths for both men and women. Next up is what you should consider when selecting the appropriate length for a female body.


Things to consider when picking female Necklace

The perfect chain makes any outfit complement each other, which is why careful selection is required. Here are some tips to help select the right chain.


The Size of Your Neck

The size of your neck is very important when getting a chain. You wouldn't want it to b too tight or loose, so it would be best to have it measured. Once you have you have your neck measured, you can then determine the best length for you. To get a choker that fits you perfectly, you should get a length higher than your size by 2 inches. You should get one that is higher than your neck size by 4 inches for the perfect pendant. Most pendants have a regular length of 18” while chokers go with a length of 16”.


Your Height

Your height is another important thing to consider when making a selection among chains. Ladies who are as tall as 5’7 upwards will look good wearing any chain length and style. It is because taller frames go well with long-chain styles. Women whose height range between 5'4 and 5'7 can also wear put on long chains. On the other hand, Shorter women, whose height goes below 5'4, should go for chains length between 16" and 20". A short woman wearing a long-styled chain will look out of place, and the outfit might not complement.


The Shape of Your Face

Chains also give the benefit of changing some of your features and the way people view you. It greatly affects the face, so your face shape also determines which chain will be perfect for you. The main face shapes are heart, triangle, oval, square, diamond, and round. If you have a round face, chokers and short chains are not a good fit for you. Having an oval face shape gives you the freedom to explore any chain since it will fit perfectly. Chokers complement the heart face shape to go for it if you fall into this category. If your face happens to belong, making you want to broaden the shape, short length chains are a good buy.


Your Body Type

Like the way your chain affects how people see your face, it has the same effect on your body. People are wired to set their gaze at the end of your chain, which is the lowest point it hangs. In cases where you don't want their gaze on that part, you should not let your chain hang there. Try getting chains that end above that part or stay on any other part you are comfortable with. Chains or chains with long layers are good if you have small busts; long thin chains work as well. On the other hand, it would not be a good fit if you happen to be fully figured. You should rather get an 18" to 22" chain.


Finally, here are some steps you can use to measure a chain and get the right one for you.


How to Measure and Select the Perfect Necklace or Chain

  • Lay the chain on a surface and measure with tape. Be sure to note the length.
  • Get the size of your neck; you can measure it if you don't know it.
  • If you can't customize the necklace, go for a common length.
  • Do not forget to consider your body shape, height, and face type when making selections.
  • Know the common lengths for both genders and children too
  • Ensure your choice of chain matches your outfit
  • Pearl style necklaces are better when short.
  • Remember that more length increases when pendants are present.


There you have it; all you need to know about selecting the perfect necklace or chain to complement your outfit. So, attend your occasions in elegance and let your necklace bring out the beauty in you.