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Treat Yourself: Standout Stud Diamond Earrings Under $500 from Capucelli

Diamonds are every woman’s best friend. As a matter of fact, for most females, money is not a barrier when it comes to treating themselves with beautifully crafted sparkly gems. But don’t get me wrong, stud earrings are not just a female accessory. In fact, stud earrings were even worn more predominantly by men during the Renaissance. On the other hand, being cognizant of the budget comes first.


If you’ve been looking for how to save a spot for special jewelry in your heart at a reasonable budget, then we have you covered. Whether you’re looking to make someone feel special or treat yourself, diamond earrings offer the sparkle and elegance that make them the ideal luxury gift for any occasion.


In today’s edition of Treat Yourself, we’re looking at some standout celebrity-like diamond earrings that you can get for under $500 for yourself or your loved one. Now, let’s dive in…

Diamond Micro Stud Earring (0.02-0.20 ct.) in 14K Gold  $49


The popularity of micro stud earrings has skyrocketed in the last few years. These beauties make the most intricate statements. They’re a must to have in 2023 and they can make the boldest statement in your outfit.


Diamond micro stud earrings are for people who appreciate the beauty and experience that objects can offer to hello express their innermost personality. As a warning, never turn down a great pair of diamond studs.


Black Diamond Stud Earrings (0.06 -0.20 ct.) in 14K Gold  $110

Another boldly beautiful earring that has become so popular recently. If you’re looking for an extra rich mystery of style and elegance to your outfit then you should consider the Black Diamond Stud Earrings.


A perfect choice for the savvy shopper that’s looking for something gorgeous, unique, and luxe. Are you a person who loves to stand out from the crowd while keeping a one-of-a-kind type of style? Then these Black Diamond Stud Earrings are for you!


Round Diamond Stud Earrings (0.20 -0.40 ct.) in 14K Gold $160

The Round Diamond Stud Earrings should be part of the jewelry box essential. Meet the versatile accessory that has been a statement piece of jewelry for thousands of years. Are you going for a classy and dressy work look? Then a pair of round diamond stud earrings will definitely accessorise your outfit without compromising business appropriateness. You’re also not left behind if you’re the typical girly girl or lady. This round diamond stud earring will surely be your best friend on any outfit.


Double Diamond Halo Pave Mini Square Shape Studs Earrings (0.33 ct.) in 14K Gold $429

The Double Diamond Halo Pave Mini Square Shape Stud Earrings are a perfect fit for you if you’re looking extra feminine touch in a pair of sparkly, elegant earrings. To get the best out of your lace flowing dress with a pair of flats, try combining it with the double diamond halo pave mini square shape stud earrings for a chic, timeless look. You’re not left out if you’re feeling bold, a pair of this timeless piece will elevate your party outfit to the next level.


Emerald Oval Shape Studs Earrings (0.85 ct.) in 14K Gold $290

If you’ve been stressing obsessively about what to give the special person in your life, we’ve got the solution, so look no further. What’s even better, the emerald oval shape stud earrings are made for every occasion.


No matter the item, the best stud diamond earrings are the ones that are personalized, thoughtful, and reflective of the person’s innermost being. But do not just take our word for it, feel free to check out our stud diamond earring collections today!