Tips for cleaning your gold jewelry properly

Tips for cleaning your gold jewelry properly

We all have gold jewelry pieces that we hold dear. From heirloom pieces to wedding ring bands, among the most valuable, both sentimentally and monetarily, are gold jewelry pieces. Hence, it is only right to feel overly possessive about your precious gold jewelry and to ensure they always remain beautiful. 

But time and the other elements can play a significant role in making your gold jewelry pieces, making them look dull and worn out with time. However, a good cleaning regime can solve that problem and ensure your gold jewelry dazzles back at you each time you bring it out of the safe.

Below are some tips for cleaning your gold jewelry properly.

Cleaning Tips

The following cleaning method is appropriate for most gold pieces, including those containing semi-precious gemstones as well. However, avoiding cleaning your valuable jewelry near an open sink or drainage is best.

1.      Warm Water and Soap

To begin with, you must fill a bowl with some warm water and mix a drop or two of mild dishwashing liquid soap in it. Do not incorporate too much soap into the water since we only want to prepare a mild cleaning solution to protect the precious jewelry items.

You must also arrange for a toothbrush with very soft bristles. Now add the dishwashing liquid into the water until you see small bubbles appear. Your cleaning solution is ready.

2.      Gently Soak the Jewelry Pieces

Once your solution is ready, you can remove the jewelry pieces out of their boxes and gently place them in the bowl of soapy water. Soak them in the solution for fifteen minutes before you start cleaning with the soft-bristled brush.

We recommend soaking only a few pieces simultaneously to avoid them from entangling. If you're particularly planning to clean your gold necklaces, chains, or bracelets, it is best to do that individually. This will protect the fragile chains from entangling and breaking in the cleaning process.

3.      Put the Brush to Work

Once you soak the jewelry for long enough, you can pick each one lift out of the bowl, and gently start brushing them. Give special attention to the clasps, links, and tight chains to ensure you remove every speck of dirt and dullness from the intricate designs. The soft bristles will be able to reach the tiniest corners of the gold jewelry pieces too.

4.      Rinse

Once you are satisfied that you have brushed the pieces well and notice a visible lightening of their dullness, you can gently rinse the items individually. Make sure to rinse the jewelry pieces briefly with cold water.

5.      Cloth Dry

The final step of the cleaning process includes drying the gold jewelry pieces. For this part, you will require a lint-free piece of cloth, and you will have to make sure it is soft. Then lay each piece flat on the fabric to dry.

Once done, pick up each piece carefully and gently buff them with another lint-free cloth.

Final Thoughts

Your gold jewelry pieces can get dull if you don't take good care of them. They can especially start showing their age as they get older with time. However, a few home ingredients and some simple cleaning techniques are more than enough will ensure your precious gold jewelry shines bright.