How Capucelli Creates your Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Creating a diamond tennis bracelet involves several steps, including designing the bracelet, selecting diamonds, choosing the metal for the setting, and working with our jeweler to bring your design to life.

Here's a general guide on how to create a diamond tennis bracelet:

How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

  1. Design and planning:

    • We Determine the design and specifications for your diamond tennis bracelet, including the number and size of diamonds, the metal type, and the setting style.
    • Our Team of designers creates a detailed sketch or use jewelry design software to visualize the design.
    • Capucelli experienced jeweler refines the design and ensure it can be manufactured effectively.
  2. Material sourcing:

    • We Select high-quality diamonds from reputable suppliers considering the "Four Cs" (carat weight, cut, color, and clarity) that meet our desired specifications.
    • We Source the metal for the bracelet setting. Common choices include gold (white, yellow, or rose) or platinum.
    • How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  3. Manufacturing:

    • The manufacturing process typically involves the following steps:

      • Prepare the metal: We Cut the metal into appropriate lengths and shapes for the bracelet's components.
      • How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet
      • Form the bracelet structure: We Shape the metal into the desired bracelet design, ensuring proper measurements and symmetry. How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet
      • Set the diamonds: We Use appropriate techniques (such as prong, channel, or bezel setting) to secure the diamonds onto the bracelet structure.
      • Finishing touches: Our in house Polishers polish the metal, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface and Clean and inspect the bracelet for any imperfections.
      • How Capucelli Creates your Diamond Tennis Bracelet
      • Capucelli jeweler will perform quality checks throughout the production process to ensure the bracelet meets your expectations.
  4. Quality control and final touches:

    • Our QC team will Inspect the completed bracelet for quality, ensuring the diamonds are securely set, and the overall craftsmanship meets your standards.
    • Our Polisher will polish and clean the bracelet to enhance its appearance.
  5. Delivery:

    • Once the bracelet passes the quality control checks and any additional customization is completed, it will be ready for delivery.

Remember, creating a diamond tennis bracelet requires expertise, precision, and attention to detail.