Our Diamonds Are Natural Earth Mined — But What Does That Mean

Our Diamonds Are Natural Earth Mined — But What Does That Mean?

When creating our jewelry, we introduced rethinking fine jewelry from the ground up – literally. Our thoughtfully created essentials are designed to live with you everyday, starting from deep below the Earth's surface. Our diamonds are natural earth mined, which are greatly different from diamonds created in labs through processes such as the High Pressure High Temperature and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

But what does earth mined mean?

Just as they sound, earth-mined diamonds are natural minerals that are mined from the earth. The process of how a diamond is made is the reason why they are so special. A diamond is made up of carbon and forms under the pressure of the earth’s crust – which can take thousands of years. 

The reason why some of the diamond pieces you’re eyeing have quite the price tag is because they are more difficult to mine and are quite rare. You’ll also notice your earth mined diamonds stand out from the rest. They tend to appear bigger, cleaner and there’s no doubt you’ll value it more. 

How do Lab-Grown Diamonds Compare to Earth-Mined Diamonds?

Diamonds that are lab-grown are created to look just like an earth-mined diamond, they just don’t have the same value. When looking at both types of diamonds closely, an earth-mined diamond will have smaller imperfections while one made in a lab may appear as perfect looking. Though, these imperfections may only be visible under magnification. But to the naked eye, you may not be able to tell the difference.